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12" Singing Bowl
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Singing Bowls

This unique and versatile singing bowl is hand made from a recycled propane tank. The high quality steel of these tanks creates a strong harmonic resonance. The bowl finish combines a unique polishing process with a heat treatment to create mystifying layers of iridescent color. A stunning and beautifully unique look. The center hole creates a good "grip" for the bowl, allowing is to be played in the hand in any position. This versatility makes it a great tool for sound healing, sound immersion, sound baths, etc....... as it can be played on the move and the sound "thrown" in a particular direction as the bowl is waved in the air. Find a higher vibration and tune in with this unique and easy to play singing bowl. Inspired by centuries of craftsmanship in Northern India hand made by a second generation metal sculptor in America. 

12" Diameter
3.5" Depth

Includes custom stand and leather wrapped striker.