Hands On Fire

Why "HandsOnFire?"......

My hands have always been on fire. Always moving and tapping, always creating, building and forming. As a second generation metal worker, this has been a way of life.  My dad didn't just buy me things, he built me things. Some kids got a T-Ball stand from the local box store, I got one from my dad’s metal shop. Lovingly crafted and made to endure. My dad built things and gave me a legacy. I create enduring art because hand crafted relics touch a place deep inside me, a place forged by the hand of a loving father. This love is the source of my creative fire. This fire found its purest expression in hand percussion. The pure, primal, kinetic creativity of percussion expresses this fire in a way that words or metal cannot. These drums combine my love for metal working and passion for percussion to create something of enduring beauty. I do this to express the fire in my hands, and stoke the fire in yours. HandsOnFire is the renaissance of a passionate lifetime of metal working and percussion, fueled by a desire to spark the creative fire in YOUR hands.

Recycled, Repurposed, Renaissance...

At HandsOnFire, I don't recycle propane tanks, each drum is the Renaissance of a propane tank. Just like people, something wonderful happens when we step beyond the utility of everyday life and into an atmosphere where beauty is formed from a unique and unlikely source. These drums resonate with people because you are hard wired to appreciate beauty. The heart desires the pleasure of simple fascination in a realm of new possibilities.  

I love working with a re-purposed material, because like these tanks, you have a voice that’s worth unlocking, and a creative fire that needs to be expressed. We all need a Renaissance. It's my sincere hope that the beauty and inspiration of these drums will unlock and ignite your creativity. From my hands to yours, stoke your creative fire and find an expressive voice on one of these drums!

Jonathan Rose